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Mull Of Kintre
Choreographers: KVO                         WZ PH IV

Sequence: Intro-AB-A-C-BA-C*-BAA-End           music

Intro: LOFP / DLW; ; Apt pt; PU Tch;
Part A: Diamond Turn DLW;;;; Open Telemark; Natural Hover Fallaway; Slip Pivot to Bjo;
Fwd, fc, cl; Whisk; Man,sd,cl; Over Spin Turn (4th time only Spin Turn); Box Finish;
Part B: Hover to SCP; In & Out Runs;; Weave to Bjo;; Fwd,fwd lk fwd; Man,sd,cl; Hesitation Change;
2 LF Trns;; Hover; Wing to Scar; Cross Hover to Bjo; Cross Hover to Scar; Cross Hover to SCP;
PU in 3; Change of Direction;
Part C: Whisk; Thru,fc,cl; Lace Up;;;; * Twirl Vine; Thru, sd cl;
Solo Turn in 6;; Hover; Thru,sd,cl; Twisty Vine 3; Fwd,fc,cl;
End: Waltz Away & Tog;; Step Swing; Spin Man; Over Spin Turn; Box Finish; Canter; Apt pt.