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If I Were A Boy
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         BL PH IV+1 (Riff Turn)

Sequence: Intro-AB-ABC-A*-End           music

Intro: No Intro wait 2 beats
Part A: Basic;; Trng Basic to fc COH;;
Cross Body; Fwd Break; NY-twice;; *
Dbl Hand Hold Opening Out-4 times;;;;
Underarm Turn; Lunge Break; Hip Lift-twice;;
Part B: Riff Turn; Fence Line with Arms; New Yorker; Riff Turn; Hand to Hand-twice;;
Aida Prep; Aida Line & Rock 2; Swivel to fc & Spot Turn; Time Step to OP;
Bolero Walks Twice to fc;; Underarm Turn; Hip Lift; Fence Line-twice;;
Part C: Basic to Fan; Fan to a Hockeystick; Finish Hockeystick; Shoulder to Shoulder;
Slow Hip Rock in 2; Basic;; 3 sd closes like Merengue;,, Fence Line; Open Break; Break to LOP fcg RLOD;
Bolero Walk 3; swivel to fc Spot trn; NY; Time Step-twice;;
End: slow hip rock 2; Basic;; Lunge Side;