Going Back
Choreographers: Klaus Völkl                         RB PH V+1 (Rope Spin)

Sequence: Intro-ABC-ABC-ABC-End           music

Intro: Wait in FCg Position both fcg WALL trail ft free;; Time Step-twice;;
Part A: Open Hip Twist; Fan; Hockeystick;; Shoulder to Shoulder;
Alemana Turn to Rope Spin;;; Kick to a 4; Spot Turn; Hand to Hand-twice;;
Part B: R HNDSHK Flirt;; 2 Sweethearts Lady trn to fc;;
Chase-Man full turn; Chase Lady Full Turn; Fence Line-twice;;
Part C: New Yorker; Thru Serpiente;; Aida; Switch Rock; Aida; Switch Cross; Cucaracha;
End: Open Break; Whip; Chase with Whip Ending;;;; Fwd Basic; Fan; Alemana Prep; Spot turn;
Break bk to OP; Prog Walks; Cirle away & tog in 6 to Tam;;
Tamara Wheel 3; Unwrap to Face; Half Basic; Fan;
Stop'n Go Hockeystick;; Alemana;; Time Step-twice;; New Yorker; Aida;