Gambling Man
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         JV soft PH V

Sequence: Intro-AB-Inter-ABC-B-End           music

Intro: OP Fcg Pos;; Stp Apt pt; tog tch;
Chasse L & R; Jive Walks;,, Swivel Walk 4;,, Throwaway;,, Chg Pl L to R;; Stop'n Go;;
Part A: Change Hands Behind Back-twice;;; American Spin;,, Link to Whip Turn;;,,
Chg Place R to L to HNDSHK;,, Triple Wheel 5 to Bfly;;;;
Windmill-twice;;; Shoulder Shove;,, Link Rock to Half open;;==>B
Part B: Mooch-twice to Bfly;;;;; Spanish Arms;,, Link Rock;; Trng Fallaway with Glide to the side-twice to HNDSHK;;;;
Miami Special;,, Shoulder Shove;,, Link Rock;; ==>Inter ==>C ==>End
Inter: Chasse Roll;,, & Chasse Roll end in Bfly;;,, ==>A
Part C: Jive Walks;,, Swivel Wk 2; Throwaway; Chg Place L to R;,, American-both Spin;; Link Rock;,,
Jive Walks;; Swivel Wk 4; Throwaway; Chg Place L to R;,, Shoulder Shove;; Link Rock;,, Rk rec;
Slow Rock The Boat-4 times;;;; 2 fwd triples; Swivel Walk 4; Chasse L & R to Half Open;
Dbl Rock to a Mooch-twice;;;;,, Trng Fallaway with a Glide;;,, Fallaway Throwaway;; Chg Pl L to R to HNDSHK;,,
Miami Special;; American Spin;,, Shoulder Shove;; Link Rock;,, ==>B
End: American Spin;,, Link Rock to SCP;; Rk bk rec;,, swivel 2 & Explode