Everything at Once
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         TS PH II (Level B)
Music: Everything at One by Lenka (music on different CDs-(Bravo 80))
Sequence: Intro-A*B-ABC-AB-End           music

Intro: Open Facing Pos M fcg Wall wt 2 meas;; Apt, Pt; Tog tch to SCP;
Part A: 2 Fwd Two-Stps;; Circle Away & Tog Two-Step;; Scissors Thru-twice to SCP;; Dbl Hitch to fc;;*
2 Turning Two-Steps;; Twirl vine 2; Wk & PU; 2 Prog Scissors;; Fwd,Lock,fwd-twice to fc;;
Part B: BFLY-Vine 3; Vine Wrap; Unwrap; Chg Sides in 3; Vine 3; Vine Wrap; Unwrap; Chg Sides in 3;
CP-Scissors to Scar; Scissor to Bjo; Fwd lock-twice; Wk & fc; 2 sd closes; Sd draw close;
Part C: Broken Box;;;; Vine 4; Pivot 2; 2 Turning Two-Steps;;
End: Step Apt,