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Crazy ‘bout My Baby
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         JV Phase V

Sequence: Intro-AB-AB-C-B(1-8)-End           music

Intro: OP FC LOD Wait;; Circle Snap in 4 to Low Bfly;; Triple Rock - Sd Break & hold;;
Part A:Link To Whip Turn;; Change Places Right To Left - Change Places Left To Right;;;
American Spin - Link Rock;;; Flicks Into Breaks;;;;; Throwaway;
Change Places Left To Right To Sd Lunge & Freeze;;
Part B:Turning Fallaway & Glide to the Side - twice;;;; Chasse Roll-twice to R HNDSHK;;;;(8)
Triple Wheel 5;;;,, Link Rock;; Pretzel Turn;,, Unwrap The Pretzel;;
Part C:Flicks Into Breaks;;;;; Throwaway; Dbl Rock to Change Plcs Left To Right;; Link To Whip Turn;;
Turning Fallaway & Glide to the Side - twice;;;; Pretzel Turn:,, Dbl Rock;,, Unwrap the Pretzel;,,
End: Change Places Right to Left;,, Change Places Left To Right;; Rk Apt, rec,sd,cl;
Slow Twist 4;; Lunge Fwd & Twist to face partner;