Agnus Dei
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         ST PH IV+1 (Triple Traveler)

Sequence: Intro-AB-AB-CC-End           music

Intro: Crush Closed Position (Embrace your ptr) 4 slow Hip Rocks;;
Part A: Basic;; UA Trn; Lariat in 6;; Basic End; Lunge Basice-twice;; Sd draw close to SCP;
Lace Up;;;; Circle Away & to in 6;; Fence Line-twice;; Sd draw Close;
Part B: 2 Open Basics;; 2 Switches;;;; Sd Basic; Rev UA trn to Wrapped Pos; Sweetheart Run-twice to fc;;
Basic;; Lunge Basic; Time Step-twice;; Hand to Hand-twice;; Basic End (second time to PU);
Part C: Triple Traveler;;; Basic End to PU; Triple Traveler;;; Basic End to PU;
Traveling Cross Chasse-4 times to fc;;;; Open Basic-twice;; second time ==> END
Underarm Turn; Basic End to PU;
End: 2 Switches;;;; Slow Open Vine 4 -embrace your ptr;; 2 Slow Hip Rocks & smile;