Already Gone
Choreographers: Stefanie Völkl                         ST PH IV+1+2 (Triple Trav,Tunnel Exit, Arm to Arm)
Music: Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson (-7% and fade out after 3:01 Min.) - Last modified April 2016

Sequence: Intro-AB-ABC-End           music

Intro: OP fc LOD;;;; Figure 8 (fc COH);;;; Open Basic-twice (to OP);;
Figure 8 (to BFLY);;;; Lunge Basic -2x;;
Part A: UA Turn; Basic Ending; Circle Away & Tog in 6 (to Tamara Pos);;
Wheel 6;; Lady Unwrap (fc wl); Basic Ending; Basic -2x to PU;;
Triple Trav;;; Tunnel Exit; Outside Roll; OP Basic Ending;
Arm to Arm 2x;; Lunge Basic -2x;;
Side Basic; Reverse Under Arm to Wrap Pos;
Sweetheart Runs-twice to Half Open Pos;;
Part B: 2 Switches (to fc);;;; Lunge Basic-twice;; Basic to PU;;
Triple Traveler;;; Tunnel Exit; Outside Roll; OP Basic End; Arm to Arm -2x;;
Part C: to PU-4 Traveling Cross Chasses to fc;;;; Lunge Basic -2x;; Basic;;
repeat (to fc wl);;;;;;;;
End: Lunge Side and Hold;