Il Maestro
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         WZ PH V
Music: Il Maestro-Prandi Sound

Sequence: Intro-AAB-AB*-End           music

Intro: wait 2 meas in LOFP M fc DLW;; Tog tch; Box Finish;
Part A: 2 Left Turns -DW;; Hover Telemark; Nat Hover Cross;; Dbl Rev Spin; Open Rev Turn; Outside Check;
Outside Change; In & Out Runs;; Weave to Bjo;; Man; Spin Turn; Box Finish;
Part B: Diamond Turn;;;; 1 Left Turn; Hover Corte; Back Whisk; * Wing;
Drag Hesitation; Back, Back Lock Back; Outside Change; Sync Vine; Scp Chasse; Twinkle thru-twice;; PU,sd,cl;
End: Thru to a Hinge and extend