Eight Letters
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         RB PH V
Music: Eight Letters-Take That

Sequence: Intro-AB-AB-Inter-CB-Inter-End           music

Intro: Bfly Pos M fc Wall ld ft free;;;; Alternative Basic-twice;; Hand to Hand; Spot Turn;
Part A: Open Hip Twist; Fan; Stop'n Go Hockeystick;;
Hockeystick beginning; Cucaracha; Man Cucaracha-Lady Spot Turn to Bfly; Alternative Basic;
Chase M full turn; Half Basic back; Fence Line; Chase-Lady Full Turn;
Back Break to OP; Aida; Switch Rock; Spot Turn;
Part B: Basic to Full Natural Top (to HNDSHK);;;; Flirt;; Sweetheart-2x;;
Finish Chase (just Lady Turn) to Tamara Position;; Wheel 3; Unwrap to face; Fence Line; Spot Turn;
Inter: Alternative Basic; Thru Serpiente;; Fence Line; Aida (twd RLOD); Switch Rock;
Part C: Chase with Underarm Pass;; Kick to 4; Spot turn; Cross Body;; Shoulder to Shoulder-2x;;
End: Alternative Basic-four times;;;; Thru Serpiente (RLOD);; Lunge Thru;