Time To Wander
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         JV PH V
Music: Time to Wander-Gypsy & The Cat

Sequence: Intro-AB-Inter-AB-Inter-AB-End           music

Intro: 6 ft apt wait 4 meas;;;; Kick Ball Change twice; Swivel tog in 4; slow sd breaks; Qk sd breaks;
Part A: Chasse L & R; Swing Out;,, Shoulder Shove to HNDSHK;; Triple Wheel 3 to fc COH;;,, Chg hnds beh bk to HNDSHK;;
Miami Special;,, Link Rock;; RF trng Fallaway w/ glide to the side;; Jive Walks;,, Swivel Walk 6 to fc;;
Part B: Chasse L & R to 1/2 OP; Mooch;;;; to fc; Link to Whip Turn;;
Lindy Catch;; American Spin;,, 4 Sailor Shuffles;;,, Basic ;; Dbl Rock;
Inter: Merengue 4; into Chasse Roll & Rev to fc;;;,, Stop'n Go;;,, Rk apt, rec; merengue 4;
End: Stp apt & pt.