Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         ST PH IV
Music: Perfect-Ed Sheeren - created Sept. 2017

Sequence: Intro-AB-Inter-AB-CB-End           music

Intro: lose Closed Pos ld ft free fc WALL
Part A: Basic;; Underarm trn; Lariat;; Basic Ending; 2 Open Basics;;
Switches-twice;;;; Side Basic; Basic end to Wrap Pos; Sweetheart Runs-twice;;
Lady Roll out; fwd to fc,sd,cl; Underarm Trn; Open Basic; Circle away & Tog to Tamara;; Wheel 1/2 in 3; Unwrap in 3 to Bfly;
Time-step-twice to Handshake;; Trade Places-twice;; Trade Place to Vars fc Rev; Wheel half; Fwd in 6 to OP no hands;
Part B: Circle Chase like figure 8 8 meas;;;;;;; man trn around;
Basic to PU;; Traveling Cross Chassé; Man passing cross chassé; 2 bk trav Cross chassés;;
Lady passing cross chassé; Fwd Cross Chassé to fc;
Inter: Lace up to fc;;;;
Part C: Basic to PU;; 4 traveling cross chassés to fc;;;; Lunge Basic-twice;;
End: Underam trn; Basic End; Lunge Basic-twice;; Lace up;;;; Apt pt;