Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         CH PH V
Music: Corazon by Senor Ortegon & His Orchestra CD The Latin Mix 10 (Casa Musica)

Sequence: Intro-AA-BA-End           music

Intro: Wait 2 beats,,
Part A: Alemana;; Back Break to Triple Cha fwd;; Aida to bk triple cha;; Switch Rock; Spot Turn;
Open Hip Twist; Fan; Stop'n Go Hockeystick Stick;;
Hockeystick Stick;; 2 Single Cubans; Single Cuban with point;
Part B: HNDSHK-Flirt;; Sweetheart-twice;; Chase-both turn to triple chas;; Cont chase with triple chas;; Finish Chase;;
Double Cuban Breaks;; Reverse Underarm Turn; Fence Line; Sand Step-twice;;
End: Chng Point;