Blow Your Horn
Choreographers: Klaus Völkl                         FT PH IV+1 (Nat Hover Cross)
Music: Blow Your Horn-Iain Mackenzie, CD Ballroom Paradise -Casa Musica

Sequence: Intro-ABC-Inter-AB*-End           music

Intro: Wait 2 meas in OFP M fcg LOD);; Apt, pt; PU & tch;
Part A: Three Step; Feather; Reverse Turn;; Hover Telemark; Open Natural; Impetus Turn to SCP; Prom Weave;;
Change of Dir; Telemark to SCP; Nat Hover Fallaway; Slip Pivot to Bjo; Man,sd,cl; Spin Turn; Box Finish;
Part B: Telemark to SCP; Natural Hover Cross;; Reverse Turn half; Hover Corte; Back Whisk; Thru Chasse to SCP; PU,sd,cl;
Diamond Turn;;;; Three Step; Half Natural Turn; Outsd Change; * Chair & Slip;
Part C: Three Step; Half Natural Turn; Impetus Turn; In & Out Runs;; Thru,sd,beh; Solo Turn in 6;;
Hover; Twinkle Thru; Thru Hover; Fwd Hover to Bjo; Bk Hover to SCP; PU,sd,cl; Prog Box;;
Inter: Interrupted Box;;;;
End: Thru Chassé to SCP; Thru to Hinge.