Ex's and Oh's
Choreographers: Stefanie Völkl & Roland Christian                          JV PH IV+2+3 (Chasse Roll, Stop&Go,Swing Out, Swing In, Shuffling Door)
Musik: Ex's & Oh's by Elle King

Sequence: Intro-AB*-Inter-ABC-B-End           music

Intro: LOFP ld ft free;; 4 Sailor Shuffles;;
Part A: Basic Rock;,, Stop'n'Go;; Link Rock;,, Swing Out;,, Shoulder Shove to LOP;,,
Shuffling Doors;; Swing In to Bfly;,, Windmill -2x;;; American Spin (to BFLY);,,
Prog Rock; Chasse L&R; Spanish Arms -2x;;; Link Rock;,, Fallaway Throwaway;,,
Part B: Chicken Walks;; Change Pl L to R with Continuous Chasses;;
Jive Walks;,, Swivel Walk 6 (2 qk, 4 sl);;,,*
Throwaway; Chicken Walks 4 quicks; Change Pl L to R with Continue Chasses;;
Jive Walks;,, Swivel Walk 6 (2 qk, 4 sl);;,,
Part C: Chasse L&R; Chasse Roll -2x;;;; R Trng Fallaway -2x;;;
Chg Pl R to L;,, Change Hnds bh the bk;,, Stop'n'Go;;
Change Hnds bhd the bk;,, Shoulder Shove;,, (fcg LOD)
Inter: Chasse L&R; Pretzel Turn;;;
End: Chasse L&R; 4 Sailor Shuffles;; Jump Apart,