Yesterday man
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         TS PH II+2
Music: Yesterday Man

Sequence: Intro-ABC-ABC-A-End           music

Intro: Apt,pt; Tog to Bfly,tch;
Part A: Fc-to-fc; Bk-to-bk; -2x;; Basketball turn;; Dbl hitch;; Lace up;;;;
Vine apt 2; Sd 2stp; Charge turn; 2 stp tog; Traveling Door-2x;;;;
Twirl 2; wk 2;
Part B: Broken box;;;; Strolling vine-1/2 way;; Rk back rec; Fwd 2stp;
Part C: Vine 2;fc-to-fc; Charge turn; Wk 2; Vine apt in 2; sd 2stp;
Charge turn; 2stp tog; Scis thru to SCP; Wk 2;
End: 2 fwd 2s;; Roll 4;; 2 trn 2s;; Twirl 2; Wk 2;
slow Vine apt in 4;; Rk sd,rec to fc & point twd part.