Viva La Vida
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         TG PH V
Music: Coldplay

Sequence: Intro-ABC-A*BC-AC-End           music

Intro: (LOFP DRW) –;; Tog tch; Cl fin; Open Rev Turn; Closed Finish; Prog Link to Closed Promenade;;
Part A: Wlk 2; Prog Link to op prom;; Rk 3 & cl fin;; Op rev trn & closed fin;; Brush tap;  * ==>B
repeat;;;; ;;;;
Part B: Wk 2; Five step;,, Closed prom;; Fwd R lunge; Rk trn & cl fin;; Brush tap;
repeat;;;; ;;;;
Part C: Progr. Link,, Doble Cruz;;,, Outside Swivel to SCP; PU,sd,cl; Brush Tap;
Fwd & Right Lunge; Rock 3; Closed Finish; Open Reverse Turn; Closed Finish;
Wk 2; Five Step;,, Closed Promenade;; Rock Turn;;
End: Slow Contra Check;