Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         CH PH V
Music: Timber by Pitbull feat.Ke$ha

Sequence: Intro-A*BC-ABC-ABB-End           music

Intro: Wait 2 meas ld ft free;; Side Walks twd LOD; Spot Turn;
Part A: Open Hip Twist; Fan; Stop'n Go Hockeystick;; Alemana Preparation; Whip; Chase With UA Pass;; *
Fwd Basic; Fan to fc; New Yorker twd WALL; Underarm turn to Tamara;
Wheel cha; Unwrap to Bfly/Wall; Fence line-twice;;
Part B: HNDSHK Flirt;; 2 Sweethearts-Lady turn to Bfly;;
Sand Step-twice;; Sd Walks twd LOD; Spot turn;
Part C: Chase With Triple Chas;; Cucaracha-twice;; Cont chase with Triple chas;;
2 Cucarachas with Peek & a boo;; Finish chase;; Dbl Cuban Breaks-twice;;
Spot Turn-twice;; Turn & time; Time & Turn;
End: Open Break & Freeze