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The Power Of Now
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         WZ PH V (Curved Feather, Dbl Rev, Hinge)

Sequence: Intro-AB1-Amod-B2-Amod-B3-Amod-B3-End           music

Intro: Wait in CP/LOD;; Sway Left & Right;; 1 Left Turn; Hover Corte; Back Whisk; PU,sd,cl;
Part A: 2 Left Turns;; Hover Telemark; In & Out runs;;
Fwd Hover to Bjo; Bk Hover to SCP; PU,sd,cl;
Dbl Rev; Change of Dir; Drag Hesitation; Bk, bk/lk,bk;
Impetus Turn to SCP; Open Natural; Stp bk,bk/lk,bk; Impetus Trn to SCP; PU,sd,cl;
Amod: Part A plus Prog Box;;
Part B: Diamond Turn;;;; Telemark to SCP; Curved Feather Chk;
Stp Bk & Chasse to Scar/DW; Cross Hover to Bjo; Cross Hover to Scar;
Cross Hover to SCP; Weave to SCP;; Twinkle thru-twice;;
Part first time: Thru,sd,cl; Whisk; PU,sd,cl;
Part second time: Thru,sd,cl; Whisk; Thru, Chasse to SCP; PU,sd,cl;
Part third time: Thru Chasse to SCP; PU,sd,cl;
End: 1 Left Turn; Hover Corte; Back Whisk; Thru to Hinge.