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The Greatest Lover
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         WZ PH IV+2 (Hinge,Dbl Rev)

Sequence: Intro-AA*-BC1-C-ACC-B-End          music

Intro: Wait in Bfly/Wall;; Solo Roll 3 to SCP; Syncopated Vine; SCP Chasse; Chair & Slip;
Part A: 1 Left Turn; Hover Corte; Back Whisk; PU to Scar; Cross Hover to Bjo;
Cross Hover to Scar; Cross Hover to SCP; Thru to Viennese Cross;
Hover Corte; Bk to fc,sd, draw-tch; Whisk; PU *;
Open Telemark; Nat Hover Fallaway; Slip Pivot to Bjo; Fwd Waltz to PU;
Part B: Diamond Turn;;;; Dbl Rev; (beim zweiten Mal-Dbl Rev-twice)
Chg of Dir; 2 LF Trns;; Whisk; Qk Open Rev; Bk Waltz; Hesitation Change;
Part C: Telemark to SCP; In & Out Runs;; Weave to Bjo;; Open Natural;
Outside Spin; Box Finish; Turn Left-Chasse to the right (Bjo);
Outside Change to SCP; Sync Vine; (C1: Thru Chasse to SCP);
Man,sd,cl; Spin Trn; Box Finish;
End: Telemark to SCP; Syncopated Vine; Thru,sd,beh; Roll 3; Thru to Hinge.