Stand Up For Your Children
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         RB PH V+1 (Rope Spin)
Music: Stand Up For Your Children-by Wagnerama

Sequence: Intro-ABC-ABC*-End           music

Intro: Bk to Bk Pos-M fc COH- ld foot free wait 2 meas;;
Circle away & tog in 6;; Fence-Line-twice;; Spot turn-twice;;
Part A: Open Hip Twist; Fan; Stop'n go Hockeystick;;
Alemana;; Fence Line; Thru Serpiente;; Fence Line; Cross Body;;
Chase with Underarm Pass;; Cucaracha Cross-twice to OP;;
Part B: Slide The Door; Circle Away & Tog in 6;; Whip;
Shoulder to Shoulder; Lady to the Fan; Alemana Prep; Sd Walks twd RLOD;
Part C: Chase Peek-a-Boo;;;;
Alemana end in Tamara Position;; Wheel 3; Unwrap to Bfly fcg Wall;*
Fwd Basic; Fan; Alemana Prep; Spot turn;
Hand to Hand; Alemana turn to Rope Spin;;;
End: Spot Turn-twice;; Fence Line; Thru Serpiente;; Chair;