Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl          
Sonnentanz von Klagkarussel                              CH PH V+1 (Rope Spin)-41 Figuren
alle Figuren bis auf Shadows und Basic, Chase Peek-A Boo, Dbl Peek-a-Boo

Sequence: Intro-repeat dance 2 times-End           music

Intro: Wait 4 Meas;;;; Cucaracha-twice;; Traveling Door; Sd Walks twd Rev;
Bk break to triple cha fwd & bk;;;; Hand to Hand-twice;;
Dance: 1/2 Basic to Wrap; Unwrap to fc; Alemana;; Rope Spin;; Aida twd RLOD; Switch Cross;
Crab Walks; Aida to back triple Chas;; Switch Rock; Spot Turn; 2 Singe Cuban Breaks; Cross Body;;
Open Hip Twist; Lady to Fan; Stop'n Go Hockeystick;; Prep Tummy ck to fan;; Alemana Prep; Whip;
1/2 Basic to Wrap Pos; Lady Fan-Man Cucaracha; Hockeystick to LH-Star;;
Umbrella Turn 1/4 to fc; Spot Turn; 2 Quick New Yorkers; New Yorker in 4 to HNDSHK;
Flirt;; Sweetheart-twice to fc;; Chase-Man full turn; Chase-Lady Full turn; Fence Line; Kick to 4;
Fence Line; Underarm Turn to Lariat 1/2 to Change Side;; Slide The Door; Circle Cha;; Dbl Cuban Breaks;;
End: Time & Turn; Turn & Time; Rev UA trn with sd close; Open Break one Stp.