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Shame And Scandal In the Family
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         CH PH V+I

Sequence: Intro-AB-BAC-ABA-End          music

Intro: wt in Bfly Pos;; Basic to Alemana;;
Part A: 2 Sailor shuffles; Fan/Hook,unwind cha; Advanced Alemana;;
Part B: Rk & Progr. chasse; Swivel wk 2, with locks; Rk fwd,rec, bk lk 3;
Swivel bk 2,, sd chasse to shake Right hand;
Sweetheart like Stop’n Go;; Basic;;
Part C: Open hip twist; Cross body roll-Man trans to fc wall;
Dbl Cuban Breaks; 2 Hops,,Lady turn to RH Star;
2 Cuban Breaks; Trans to fc; Open break; Spot turn;
1/2 Basic with spiral; Aida; Switch; Crab walk;
End: 1/2 Basic with spiral; Aida; Switch cross; Crab walk;
Fence Line-2x & Freeze.