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Rockin Good Way
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         JV/FT PH V

Sequence: Intro-AAB-Inter-AB-A-End          music

Intro: wait;; Apt, pt; tog to Bfly & tch;
Part A: Jive chasse L & R; Link to Whip Turn;; Trn Fallaway-2x;;;
Change Places R to L;,, Stop And Go;;,, Change Place L to R;;
Rk apt,rec,sd,cl;
Part B: Basic;,, Pretzel turn;; Unwrap the Pretzel;,, Spanish Arms-2x;;;,, Rk,rec;
Inter: 1 Left turn; Hover corte to Bjo; Back Whisk; PU;
End: Windmill-2x;;; Chg hands beh back-2x;;; Basic;,, Rk bk,rec,
Rock the boat.-2x;,, Apt Pt.