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Rockin Around The Christmas Tree
Choreographers: KVO                         JV PH V

Sequence: Intro-AAB-ACC-BA-End           music

Intro: Wait in LOFP fcg LOD;; Chicken walks 2sl; 4 qks;
Part A: Stop & Go to Shake Right Hands;; Triple Wheel 3 to fc COH;;,,Chng hands beh bk;;
first and fourth time: Link to Whip Throwaway fcg LOD;;
second and third time: Link to Whip Turn;;
Part B: Chasse Roll-twice;;;;
Rk,rec, kick Ball Change-twice;,, 2 fwd triples;,, Swivel walk 2; throwaway;
Part C: Mooch;;;;; Rk rec, Rk the Boat-twice;,,
into Trng Fallaway with a Glide to the Side to Half Open;
repeat to SCP;;;;;;;;
End: Stop' Go;; Chicken Walks - 6 quick;,, Explode