Part Of Me
Choreographers: Klaus & Marion Völkl                         CH PH V

Sequence: Intro-AB-AB-Inter-BC-End           music

Intro: Wait one meas in LOP fcg Pos Man fcg WALL-ld ft free;
Part A: Open Hip Twist; Fan; Stop'n Go Hockeystick;; Alemana Preparation; Spot twd LOD;
Kick to 4-twice;; Fence Line; Spot Turn; Open Break; Underarm Trn; Lariat ˝ to face LOD;
Slide The Door; Circle Cha;;
Part B: Dbl Cuban Breaks-twice;; Spot Turn-twice to HNDSHK;; Flirt;; Sweetheart-twice;;
Time Step; Modified Cha Cha Box;; Time Step; Finish Chase;; Fence Line-twice;;
Inter: Rumba: Alemana;; Rope Spin;; Fence Line; Thru Serpiente;; Fence Line;
CHA: Open Hip Twist; Fan; Hockeystick to Triple Cha fwd & bk;;;;; Underarm Turn;
Part C: Dbl Cuban Break; Shoulder to Shoulder-twice;; Dbl Cuban Break; Open Hip Twist; Fan;
Prep Tummy Check to a fan;; Hockeystick to Triple Cha fwd & bk;;;;; Underarm Turn; Time Step-twice;;
End: Open Break - one Step